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This was the concept of three Los Angeles advocates, Jo Kaplan, Leslie Starr Heimov, and Jennifer Perry. Together they dreamed that youth involved in dependency court proceedings would have a better experience whenever they attended their traumatic and difficult court hearings. The idea for the new clothing store sprang from their awareness of the practical needs of kids aging out of the system, and, in particular, their need for new clothes that could give them a fresh start in life.

When a cool new space became available at the Children’s Law Center, located right at the Children’s Courthouse, their dream became a reality; Fresh Outfitters opened its doors in October 2017.

They relied on their many friends to help stock the store and volunteer in it and would like to give special thanks to: Dara K. Barker, Esq., CWLS, Nicole Cadena, Assistant Director, Children’s Action Network, Pat Salcido, Director of Special Projects, Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles.

Jo Kaplan, Esq., founding partner of Dependency Court Legal Services (now Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles)
Leslie Starr Heimov, Esq., CWLS, Executive Director, Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles
Jennifer Perry, Executive Director, Children’s Action Network