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Welcome to Fresh Outfitters

a unique boutique located right
next to the Childrens Courthouse

Created by The Children's Law Center & Children's Action Network

childrens action network
(310) 477 7611

Childrens Law Center of CA



We are a nonprofit clothing store for kids.
Free. New. Yours.

Los Angeles County has nearly 30,000 children in foster care and 3,000 of them “age out” of the system each year. When this happens, they are truly on their own. Even for those who are working or in school, making ends meet is really tough, and shopping for new clothing is a dream most can't realize.

Fresh Outfitters is a clothing store just for these youth. At our store, youth have the opportunity to shop for new, cool clothing in a safe space. New clothes provide these youth - - many of whom have never had anything new to call their own - - with the boost of self esteem and confidence as they step out into the world on their own.

Please check out a list of our generous partners.

Fresh Outfitters. Free. New. Yours.

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