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Fresh Outfitters would like to extend a special thanks to all those who contribute their time and effort to the store.

Our Volunteers

Helenann Hirsch
Nancy Lovett
Beth Gains
Lucy McCoy
Tina Moss

Our Donors

Sasan Abrams
Aileen Adams and Geoff Cowan
Michael Cohanzad
Mary Ann and Guy Dill
Susan and Jonathan Dolgen
Nancy and Len Jacoby
Bonnie and Offer Nissenbaum

Berta and Lou Pitt
Joyce Trabulus
Sydney Julien
Jamie Wolf
Loretta Kaufman
Cathy Unger

Our Special Friends

Karen Bell
Lee Hausner
Rory Laurie
Elizabeth Rogers
Nancy Rubin
Sarah Scott
Susan Starr
Stephanie Liner
Toni Corwin
Lisa Specht
Christine Fazzino

And our champion Dara Barker!